MysteryRooms Interlaken

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one team… one hour… escape if you can! Premium Live Escape Game!

Enjoy the unique experience of being IN the game. You are locked in a mysterious room with your team. Are you clever enough to get out in time? Choose between two adventures!

The Captain’s Secret: It features a vintage and nostalgic setting. An old typewriter, classic radio and treasure chests are only some of the mysteries that the captain has left for you. We recommend this game as your first escape game experience. You have to solve the mysteries to find the treasure and many other surprises.

Mindgames: The room of the “chess-master” features modern and high-tech puzzles including classic and new board-games, computers, cables and lights. This game is more “techie” and a real challenge, but no worries, you don’t have to know how to play chess to play it. Can you find the secret of the chess-master involving some colorful surprises?


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MysteryRooms Interlaken
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