Tourist Inspiration: Grepery, Switzerland

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nutellaGrepery – the urban Crêperie

Steinberggasse 59,

8400 Winterthur


Grepery, derived from the French word “crêperie”, stands for combining traditional offerings with contemporary trends and authentic values.



_dsc3235With our slogan ‘taste the change’, we emphasize the culture of inclusive change. We are committed to an open and solidarity society.

Our crêpes are prepared using traditional methods in French crêpes, but are adapted to local habits and are constantly being developed further.

Complementary treats such as our refreshing Frozen Yogurt with homemade fruit sauces make the Grepery a unique experience.




2015-07-06-14-47-00Another popular specialty is also the popular Winterthur Fahrtwindbier , which we offer as the only gastronomy operation.

This and more, embedded in an urban, trendy and warm atmosphere!





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