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Albergo Cacciatori
Localit? Ortanella, Esino Lario
+39 0341 860219
A large restaurant used also for weddings. Italian cuisine with regional specialities, in particular game.

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Eat and Drink

  • Albergo Cacciatori Esino Lario - A large restaurant used also for weddings. Italian cuisine with regional specialities, in particular game.
  • Agriturismo Ortanella Esino Lario - Regional cuisine and local ingredients.
  • Bar La Sosta Esino Lario - A sandwich bar, quite large and a good place also for aperitifs.
  • Bar Pizzeria Oasi Esino Lario - Renovated and reopened in 2014. Mainly a pizzeria with also some pasta dishes and sandwiches.
  • Bar Tabaccheria Lisa Esino Lario - A place for a sandwich. It is a small bar with a counter and few tables.

See and Do

  • Fitness trail (percorso vita) Esino Lario - Six different exercises (very easy, easy, middle-rande, middle-range/challenging, challenging and very challenging) which can be done with the use of a series of simple fitness tools distributed in an itinerary of 2 km (16 stops) in the woods of Ortanella.
  • Playground Ortanella Esino Lario - There are no toilets but the bar restaurant Cacciatori is near-by and there is a quite a lot of green space around.
  • Sport hall - soccer for 5 Esino Lario - Outdoor and indoor. The structure is managed by the volunteers of the association Polisportiva.
  • Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Vittore Martire sul Castello Esino Lario - It is the main church of Esino Lario dedicated to San Victor and mentioned in a document already in XIII. The wooden sacristy deserves a visit. The church also hosts two tapestries with religious subject of the School of tapestries of Esino Lario which was active between the anni Thirties and Sixties and won several gold medals at the Triennale di Milano on artworks based on original sketches by contemporary artists.
  • Bocce (bowls) Esino Lario - Outdoor.

Local Shopping

  • Bar La Sosta - A bar selling also cigarettes.
  • Il negozietto di Velentina - Cloths for adults and children.
  • Bar Tabaccheria Lisa - A bar selling also cigarettes, small presents and toys.
  • Edicola Paganin Rossella - Newspapers, magazines, toys, books, little presents.
  • Market Pina e Mohammed - Tools, plants, sheets... It is a bazaar indeed.

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