Bar La Sosta

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Bar La Sosta
Via Adamello 13, Esino Lario
+39 0341 860004
A sandwich bar, quite large and a good place also for aperitifs.

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Eat and Drink

  • Bar La Sosta Esino Lario - A sandwich bar, quite large and a good place also for aperitifs.
  • Bar Pizzeria Oasi Esino Lario - Renovated and reopened in 2014. Mainly a pizzeria with also some pasta dishes and sandwiches.
  • Bar Tabaccheria Lisa Esino Lario - A place for a sandwich. It is a small bar with a counter and few tables.
  • Albergo Ristorante La Montanina Esino Lario - A large restaurant used also for weddings. Italian cuisine with regional specialities.
  • Bar Pizzeria Ristorante 58 Esino Lario - New management in July 2014. Modern, with around 60 seats inside and a terrace. Italian cuisine with regional specialities, it also serves pizza not every day. The menu has some interesting receipts designed with a contemporary interpretation of traditional ingredients, like the Spaghetti con misultin.

See and Do

Local Shopping

  • Bar La Sosta - A bar selling also cigarettes.
  • Il negozietto di Velentina - Cloths for adults and children.
  • Bar Tabaccheria Lisa - A bar selling also cigarettes, small presents and toys.
  • Edicola Paganin Rossella - Newspapers, magazines, toys, books, little presents.
  • Market Pina e Mohammed - Tools, plants, sheets... It is a bazaar indeed.

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