Buffet Picaferaj

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Buffet Picaferaj
Popovica 2, Split
A small restaurant on a side street that serves fresh seafood dishes. Run by a young married couple.

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Eat and Drink

  • Buffet Picaferaj Split - A small restaurant on a side street that serves fresh seafood dishes. Run by a young married couple. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Konoba Marjan Split - Risottos, pasticada (marinaded veal cooked in sauce), and excellent fish. Prices are very reasonable and the staff very friendly. English spoken. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Na kantunu Split - After 3 rounds waiter will bring traditional rakija with honey (medica)-nice and strong. Supporters of Hajduk Split are there, so when there is a match in Split it may become too crowded. It is probable the smallest bar in Split with just 8 tables inside in a 15 m? space. Great atmosphere and a cappuccino is 8 kn. In front of the cafe bar there are few tables where you can sit if the weather is nice. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Quasimodo Split - Rock and underground music. Mostly full with local alternatives. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Hemingway Bar Split - Extremely fancy club. [from Wikivoyage]

See and Do

  • Diocletian's Palace Split - A UNESCO World Heritage site. The historic centre of Split is built around the remains of this Roman palace. You only need to wander around to experience it but you can also pay to visit the excavated remains of the basement of the palace. The palace has well preserved main streets ''cardo'' and ''decumanus''. Roman palace is enriched with some gothic and reinassance buildings which makes a perfect match. Palace has 4 monumental gates ''Porta Aurea'' (Zlatna vrata, Golden gate), ''Porta Argenta'' (Srebrna vrata, Silver gate), ''Porta Ferrea'' (?eljezna vrata, Iron gate) and ''Porta Aenea'' (Mjedena vrata). It is probably the best preserved Roman palace in the world. [from Wikivoyage]
  • St. Duje's cathedral Split - Originally built around 305 AD as a mausoleum of Roman emperor Diocletian's (the oldest cathedral building in the world). Cathedral is also a very beautiful mixture of Roman temple and Catholic church. It also has a beautiful belltower which provides you a great panoramic view of Split, nearby islands and Marjan hill. [from Wikivoyage]

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