Fischer Br?u

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Fischer Br?u
Billrothstrasse 17, D?bling, Vienna/Outer West
+43 1 3695949
The brewery brews according the Reinheitsgebot from 1516 and offers their beers. The place is very well visited.

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Eat and Drink

  • Fischer Br?u Vienna/Outer West - The brewery brews according the Reinheitsgebot from 1516 and offers their beers. The place is very well visited. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Shiraz Vienna/Outer West - This is a small and pretty comfortable, rustic-style bar in the ''city railway bows''. You can smoke water pipes and listen to chill-out music. The owner, a Persian, socialises with all his customers. The bar has a special atmosphere and fair prices. It is a good place to relax. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Halbestadt Vienna/Alsergrund - The cocktail bar fills quickly, hence it is considered wise to reserve places. The cocktails are done with lots of knowledge and excellent alcohols. Consider asking for their specials as they give good advice. The barkeeper participates to international contests. The card designed by the owner and barkeeper Erich Wassicek varies along season. They serve many classics. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Weinstadt Vienna/Alsergrund - Every Wednesday the wine bar organises a specific wine tasting. One can choose between many Austrian or international wines. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Schlumberger Kellerwelten Vienna/Outer West - The tour in the cellar of one of the biggest Austrian Sekt producer takes approximately an hour, and there are up to 5 different glasses for tasting included. [from Wikivoyage]

See and Do

  • Spittelau Waste Incineration Plant Vienna/Alsergrund - A waste incinerator may not be the usual item to attract a visitor's attention, but after the Viennese painter/architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser restyled the plant's fa?ade in 1989 (following a fire in 1987), it has become a surprisingly photogenic fixture in the cityscape. [ Guided tours] are offered (in German only) for visitors wanting to gain more insight into Vienna's waste, recycling, and disposal systems; however it is possible to appreciate the exterior of the plant from many locations in the city. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Pier9 Vienna/Alsergrund - The outdoor lead wall is 21,5m high. There are 6 security lines with 13 routes. The boulder wall is downstair next to the stream and has the same texture concrete wall with different inclinations. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Schubert Geburtshaus Vienna/Alsergrund - Franz Schubert was born in a small apartment in this house in 1797. The top floor displays documents relating to the composer's life and work, while other rooms display paintings by the Austrian writer Adalbert Stifter. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Volksoper Vienna/Alsergrund - Stages operettas, classical musicals, and ballet productions. [from Wikivoyage]
  • St. Johannes Nepomuk Kapelle Vienna/Alsergrund - Designed by Otto Wagner between 1893 bis 1897, this is the architect's first religious structure and served as a model for his later ''Kirche am Steinhof''. [from Wikivoyage]

Local Shopping

  • Confiserie zum S??en Eck Vienna/Alsergrund - The Zuckerlgesch?ft sells 70 different types of licorice, several bitter chocolates and many typical Austrian sweets like the Zotter handmade chocolate or the Badener Kaffeebonbons. [from Wikivoyage]
  • B?ckerei Fadak Vienna/Inner East - Recommended is the Vollkorn-Fladenbrot. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Hannovermarkt Vienna/Inner East - When looking for a real food market, check out the Hannovermarkt. It has much stalls for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish - mostly run by migrants - and the purist will not be bothered by hipster-caf?s. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Curry me home Vienna/Alsergrund - The place sells curry and salt in all variants. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Tankai Vienna/Alsergrund - The shop sells hand made purses and bags (mostly made out of high-quality leather). [from Wikivoyage]

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