Independence Museum

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Independence Museum
Rr. Fehmi Agani, Pristina
A small museum about Kosovo?s recent history

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Eat and Drink

  • Tiffany Pizza Pristina - with an eerily simliar layout, features perhaps the best pizza in Pristina. The spinach pizza is highly recommended, as is the special Raki, all the way from Mitrovica. Another good pizza place is Margarita, opposite of main Police building, wide menu including fresh summer salads and tasty pastas are at your disposal. Home pizza Margarita is highly recommended. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Himalayan Gorkha Pristina - Fine Asian restaurant. Pineapple lassi or Masala tea is a great non-alcoholic drink if you don't like beer, vodka or the local drink (Rakhi rrussi). For starters there is chicken pakora which is nice fried chicken which tastes exactly like Kentuky Fried Chicken or vegetable pakora. Best thing about this restaurant is you can have both spicy and non spicy items. For main course there is Chicken Tikka with Roti or Naan. They also have Chicken Biyani, Vegetable Biriyani and Butter chicken. If you are fond of Chinese you can have Chicken fried rice and Veg Fried Rice. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Sabaja Beer House Pristina - Sample Gracanica craft brews over an American-style bacon cheeseburger a brief walk from downtown. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Home restaurant and bar Pristina - Lively atmosphere and variety of delicious food. Serves Medterranian, Italian and Kosovar food. Visitors come from many international staff of the surrounding offices, embassies and national ministries. Local actors and well known singers. Very good selected music, English speaking staff and very good wines. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Aroma Pristina - For quick snacks, have terrific sandwiches; [from Wikivoyage]

See and Do

  • Independence Museum Pristina - A small museum about Kosovo?s recent history [from Wikivoyage]
  • ODA Theatre Pristina - Theatre venue with variety of cultural and artistic events, including theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, International Jazz Festival in November and much more. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Monument of Brotherhood and Unity Pristina - This symbolise the ?unity and brotherhood? of the Albanians, Serbs and Montenegrins [from Wikivoyage]
  • Former Hotel Union building Pristina - The building of the former ?Hotel Union? was built in 1927 under the supervision of the Austrian architect, Andrija Kremer. It combined elements of neo-Renaissance, neo-baroque and Art Nouveau and was one of the few buildings in Prishtina with European-architecture influence. During the first few decades of its existence, it was named ?Hotel Sk?nderbeu? after the 15th century Albanian resistance leader, Skanderbeg and this was witnessed by his ingrained icons on the building. [from Wikivoyage]
  • National Theater of Kosovo Pristina - Former named The Regional Populist Theater then the Provincial Populist Theater - The repertoire of this theater was built on many national, international and former Yugoslavian dramatic scripts. This theater performances, which were presented in different festivals with national and international character in the former Yugoslavia, were praised highly by critics of the time and were honored with various artistic awards. [from Wikivoyage]

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