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Musashino Forest Sport Centre : Local Knowledge Of Things To See and Do in Tokyo 2020.

Musashino Forest Sport Centre

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Musashino Forest Sport Centre
Tokyo 2020
Modern pentathlon: fencing.

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More Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is submitted by travellers and is based on personal experiences. This might include recommendations of places to eat or drink, things to see and do, local shopping areas, information about local customs and local tourism tips.

Eat and Drink

  • Gutara Mitaka - This ramen shop serves a broad range of customers: white collar workers, blue collar workers, and the nearby university's students. It has a particularly delicious spinach and pork ramen. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Calends Chofu - This is a cut-above curry restaurant which has several curries which put the usual Japanese fare to shame. Try ordering the set menu with dessert, rum-topped ice cream is a nice finish after spicy curry. The owner may try to speak some English with you. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Ishi-i Chofu - This lively izakaya restaurant specializes in pork, served on skewers like yakitori. The friendly staff will help you sample almost any part of the pig, including heart, liver, head meat and esophagus, pointing to their own body to describe it, if necessary. They have usual pork and beef dishes as well. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Asian Taipei Chofu - Spicy Thai and Indian style food. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Vin Blanc Fuchu (Tokyo) - Reasonable lunch, gorgeous dinner. [from Wikivoyage]

See and Do

  • Musashino Forest Sport Centre Tokyo 2020 - Modern pentathlon: fencing. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Ajinomoto Soccer Stadium Chofu - This 50,000-seat soccer stadium is home field for Tokyo Verdy and [ FC Tokyo]; American football, rugby games and flea markets can also be found here. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Tokyo Stadium Tokyo 2020 - Football, modern pentathlon: swimming, riding, running, shooting. The stadium is currently known as Ajinomoto Stadium. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Musashino Forest Park Tokyo 2020 - Finish of the bicycle road race. [from Wikivoyage]
  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mitaka - This is the main campus of Japan's national observatory. Data collection mostly occurs elsewhere, which frees up many of the buildings here for a view. About half of the campus is open to the public. Many buildings are decades old and house equipment used by the observatory decades ago, in a well-preserved state. The entire place is surrounded by forest, and unlike much of Tokyo, it's quiet and peaceful here. Some people bring a sketch pad and draw the buildings. There are no guides. A self-paced tour might take 1-2 hours. [from Wikivoyage]

Local Shopping

  • Coral Mitaka Mitaka - Home to many small shops, selling items such as clothing, groceries, specialty food, and other items. Additionally, there's an art gallery on the top floor. [from Wikivoyage]
  • LONLON Mitaka - While not as big as the one at Kichijoji, there is a bakery, food, a restaurant, a couple beauty/salon stores, and a flower shop. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Yuzawaya Kichijoji - A huge handicraft shop adjacent to the station. There are three floors of toys.The dedicated shopper may find interesting souvenirs on the fabric floor. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Onao Kichijoji - A nice selection of traditional Japanese paper and related souvenirs. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Yodobashi Camera Kichijoji - A famous Japanese department store selling computers, components, cameras, household appliances, and pretty much anything electronic. [from Wikivoyage]

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