Palazzo Ferrara

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Palazzo Ferrara
via Francesco Crispi, Alcamo
in classical style, built in 1909;

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Eat and Drink

  • Hotel Centrale Alcamo - Daily fixed menu or a particular one with meat or fish. Typical dishes prepared on request. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Bar '900 Alcamo - Famous for the high quality of its sweets, snacks and ice creams (among which the hazelnut ice cream, fried iris and ricotta bocconcini stand out). On the first floor there are tables and a terrace with tables and large sunshades; from here you can appreciate a beautiful view of Corso 6 Aprile. [from Wikivoyage]
  • L'Arcova Alcamo - Very frequented especially at night by teenagers, attracted by the smell of just cooked pizza. There are outdoor tables. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Jack The Ripper Alcamo - Disco pub, bowling and pizzeria. [from Wikivoyage]
  • La Bufalotta Restaurant and Pizzeria Alcamo - Very good pizzas made with branded products. The food is fresh and genuine. [from Wikivoyage]

See and Do

  • Palazzo Ferrara Alcamo - in classical style, built in 1909; [from Wikivoyage]
  • Church of Saint Francis of Paola Alcamo - Built in 1550. [from Wikivoyage]
  • San Francis from Paola Alcamo - Second Sunday after Easter (cultural and religious events). [from Wikivoyage]
  • Church of Saints Paul and Bartholomew Alcamo - Built between 1615 and 1689: it has got characteristic baroque features and holds a very ancient and valuable picture, the Madonna del Miele (made about the year 1300). [from Wikivoyage]
  • Palazzo Rocca Alcamo - It was built about the year 1629. Its portals and brackets are made with carved stones. [from Wikivoyage]

Local Shopping

  • Stellino Angela Alcamo - Souvenir, Ceramics, Gifts, Silver objects, bomboniere [from Wikivoyage]
  • La Galleria del Corso Alcamo - There are some shops selling clothes, shoes and sport items. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Farmer's Market Alcamo - There are a lot of farm products: fruit and vegetables. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Bridor Maxistore Alcamo Marina - House furnishings, furniture, kitchenware, hardware, electricity, beach items. [from Wikivoyage]
  • Mercato Rionale Alcamo - You can find clothes, shoes, fruit, vegetables, fish and cheese. [from Wikivoyage]

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