St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa

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St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa

Relax and enjoy the unique health benefits, particularly for the respiratory system, in one of the USA's first Salt Therapy Rooms! Micro-sized salt particles are proven to clean the airways, while naturally occurring negative ions provide more oxygen for all of the body's cells, and so much more.

No special preparation is necessary. The room has normal temperature and humidity and your clothing will not be affected. Both public and private 45-minute sessions are available for up to six people at a time. There is no age limit, but public adult sessions are generally limited to those 13 and older.

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St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa
St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa
St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa
St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa
St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa
St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa


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St. Louis Salt Room - a health spa
2739 Sutton Blvd.
St. Louis
United States


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