Story Beach Club & Restaurant

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Story Beach Club & Restaurant
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Asian atmosphere in one of the best restaurants in Nha Trang. New, big, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. With great service and ambiance, the restaurant is full of unforgettable experience. Built with the latest technology, with a warm pool and a beautiful scene, this place will fill your vacation with unforgettable feelings. The restaurant is located in the most famous place of Nha Trang – Central Park. Delicious breakfasts, an extensive menu and a rich musical program in the evening will not leave indifferent any guest. Our multi-lingual staff team, the sea view and the prices that will pleasantly surprise you, all of this – Story Beach Club & Restaurant.

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Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant
Story Beach Club & Restaurant


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Story Beach Club & Restaurant
100 Tran Phu
Nha Trang


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