Waitomo Adventure Centre_Lost World Epic

Waitomo Adventure Centre_Lost World Epic

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Waitomo Adventure Centre_Lost World Epic

Lost World 7 Hr Epic

Abseil 100m into this amazing cavern.
You're wearing a wetsuit - you're heading off to explore the Mangapu underground river passage.

The descent takes around 30 minutes of the total 7 hours (approx) required.
Abseil slowly alongside your instructor who although on a separate rope provides information, reassurance ...and a backup safety tether.

Imagine free-hanging in a massive void..bouncing a bit & turning because of the sheer length of the rope.
Look around into upper levels of the cave and giant spagatites (look like giant green hands growing out of the walls).
Weird parataniwha plants struggle to cling to the sheer walls and all the while the roar of the Mangapu river echoes up from caverns far below.
It's like descending into the bowels of some massive prehistoric beast !

One guide looks after up to 4 people - who all make their unforgettable descent together down through the surreal mists and eventually landing in the base of this massive cavern.

The 100m freehanging abseil will astound you, but that’s only the beginning. Spend the rest of the day walking, wading and swimming through the cavernous passages of this famous underground system. Yes you need to be moderately fit (e.g. go bush walking for a day), but the trip is intended for complete novices.

See Fossil giant oysters and whalebones; giant flowstone (looks like icing sugar running down the walls).
Lots of fun & optional challenges - water jumps; climbs and spiders.
Journey through an absolutely FANTASTIC glowworm display.

Includes packed lunch in-cave & a full Kiwi BBQ dinner at day's end.
All equipment included ( helmets; lights; wetsuits; ropes; harnesses; boots etc ).
All you need to bring is a swimsuit; towel; thick socks & a smile!

This will be the highlight of your world trip. If you came to NZ looking for top adventure, this is it.


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Waitomo Adventure Centre_Lost World Epic
Waitomo Adventure Centre, 654 Waitomo Caves Rd
Outside Australia
New Zealand


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