Sapore Trattoria

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Sapore Trattoria

At Sapore Trattoria we strive to give you the best and most authentic Italian dining experience
Our 100% artisanal cuisine guarantees you the ideal transformation process of the best ingredients imported directly from Italy.
Let yourself be transported through a gastronomic tour where music, the environment and our staff will explain and guide you through the rainbow represented by the culinary traditions of each Italian region.

One of our signature dish is the "Festa della Pasta", an incredibly tasting of five differente hand-made pastas with their own espectacular sauces...don't miss the oportunity of spending an hour or two in the most authentic and artisanal restaurant in San José. We will be happy to delight you with the highest quality service. Try also our nenowned wood-fired owen for the best pizzas, just like Naples!!!

Open every day from 12am to 11pm

Live Italian music every saturday 8pm

Buon appetito!

Sapore Trattoria


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Sapore Trattoria
San José, avenida 2da, calle 13, 75 m oeste de la Plaza de la Democracia
San José
Costa Rica
Costa Rica


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