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Ali Ocakbasi

"The rich, unique and luscious "Anatolian Cuisine Culture" which has existed for thousands of years in this ancient land still manifests itself in different flavours throughout every corner of modern Turkey. With our own experience which has also been passed down through generations, we as *Ali Ocakbasi* strive to represent this cultural treasure both at home and abroad by presenting our most valued customers with the delicacies, mostly from the hearth of Anatolia.

We believe that a restaurant’s ambiance should match the food in terms of quality. Our new Amsterdam branch is located at the corner of Herengracht and Utrechtsestraat, in the centre of the city only 300 meters from the famous Rembrandt Square.

Our Executive Chef, Mr. Orhan Demir (ex-Kosebasi Amsterdam chef), the Sous Chef responsible for the appetizers as well as side dishes, and our Maître d'hôtel holds the honour of being awarded with 9,5 points during their recent careers in Amsterdam by Johannes Van Dam (1946-2013), who was country's best-known gourmet and critic on food and Amsterdam dining for the daily Het Parool for almost 25 years. Our goal is to represent the genuine Anatolian Grillside cuisine abroad as perfectly as we can and we hope that our Amsterdam restaurant will serve as the ultimate proof of our dedication to our guests' satisfaction."

Ali Ocakbasi
Ali Ocakbasi
Ali Ocakbasi
Ali Ocakbasi


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Ali Ocakbasi
Herengracht 558
Noord Holland
1017 CG


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