Bez Tytułu Restaurant & Bar

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Bez Tytułu Restaurant & Bar

Our restaurant has no title because names set boundaries. Just as in the world of art, the unknown sets the imagination free. Our chef is French but his recipes have no nationality. In his creative improvisation, he uses both fresh products from trusted local suppliers and delicacies imported from the other side of the world. The drinks menu is our interpretation of classic formulas – we like to break the satisfaction coming from the familiar with something surprising.

There is only one rule at Bez Tytułu – a table is not a piece of furniture but an invitation for a social gathering. It is a perfect place for a family party, dinner for two, working lunch or an evening drink with friends.

We give you what we ourselves like the most. Let’s eat something good together!

Bez Tytułu Restaurant & Bar


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Bez Tytułu Restaurant & Bar
ul. Poznańska 16


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