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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid, or just a kid at heart, Cosmocity has all the fun, games and adventures you can imagine to transport you to another world. From arcade to interactive games, come discover a whole new universe of entertainment, recreation and excitement.

Imagine a portal that could transport you, every day, to a brave new world. CosmoCity is that portal; taking you eons into the future, to a place where fun, entertainment and adventure roam free. It’s a place that pulls you light years away from everything you know, disconnecting you from life on Earth, to bring you joy like you’ve never known before. Whether you’re a child, a teenager or an adult, CosmoCity welcomes you. It has a place for everyone within its city

CosmoCity has chosen to open its first portal on Earth in Beirut Souks, inviting all citizens of this planet to explore every corner of its mysterious world. As you enter through the doors, you will immediately forget the world you left behind. The dark landscape of this new place, lit up with a neon glow, is filled with a promise of new adventures. Where will it take you? How long will you stay here? Where do you start? How will you possibly get to know every corner of this fantastical space?

Room after room, CosmoCity is filled with games of all kinds. Some are made for the young to enjoy, others are for those with a bit more skill and experience, and some are just for everyone.

Built on two levels, CosmoCity seems endless. Just as you finish with one game, you’re onto the next, and the next and the next. You follow the sounds of lasers and laughter, tracking corridors and staircases, only to find more fun around every corner. There is no concept of time at
CosmoCity – minutes turn into hours as you lose yourself in the futuristic experience. Whether you’re celebrating a win, winding down with a meal or just playing with friends, this new universe of entertainment will completely take over your sense of normality. Step into the unknown at CosmoCity and find out what new frontiers of adventure await you.



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Beirut Souks, Ajami Square, Majidiye Beirut, Lebanon


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