Edmonton Skydive

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From $295 CAD
Per Adult
Edmonton Skydive
4000 Sq Ft Hangar
6000 Sq Ft Customer Service And Training Facility
30 Acre Landing Area
Super King Air
Turbo C-182

Edmonton Skydive is a progressive skydiving school, offering the highest skydives in the country from the fastest skydiving airplane in Canada. Edmonton Skydive is focussed on creating the best new skydivers in the skydive industry. It is a national leader in the skydive industry, having hosted two of the last three Canadian Skydiving National Championships and some of the biggest names in the skydiving industry. Edmonton Skydive continually engineers some of the most unique skydiving jumps such as the World’s First Tandem Freefall Tattoo, Mindy the SuperPup skydives and “50 on 50” (50 jumps on 50th birthday).

Located about 45 minutes north of Edmonton at the Westlock Municipal Airport, Edmonton Skydive boasts some of the newest and best facilities in the skydive industry with more than 15,000 square feet of infrastructure spanning across almost 30 acres.

Edmonton Skydive uses the tandem skydive system for first time jumpers. This approach pairs extremely experienced, professional and specifically trained, skydive instructors to take student flyers on a freefall jump in the safest, most controlled environment for skydiving. It also has the largest student training school in Western Canada, using the most advance solo training teaching program in the world known as Accelerated Freefall.

Edmonton Skydive is a member of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, the governing body of skydiving in Canada.

Edmonton Skydive
Edmonton Skydive


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  • Edmonton Skydive Westlock (0.0 miles) - Edmonton Skydive is a progressive skydiving school, offering the highest skydives in the country fro...


Edmonton Skydive
59509 Range Road 260
T7P 2P6


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