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Sea of Whales

Whale watching is one of the most exciting activities you may ever experience but beware – you may get ‘hooked’ for life! You will be amazed by these “gentle giants” as we watch them feed, play and migrate through our study area around the Bonavista peninsula (the historical Heritage sites of Trinity and Bonavista are in the area). Our staff is dedicated to showing you the best whales that our area has to offer including fin, humpback, sperm, minke, and pilot whales and, although rare, orcas too. You may expect to see various species of dolphins and porpoises, eagles and offshore sea birds including puffins and northern gannets. It is our hope that you will walk off the boat feeling educated and enlightened by the experience and that you will want to travel with us again.

Taking a trip with Sea of Whales Adventures is more than just watching whales, it is also contributing to a scientific study. Our trips give us the opportunity to photograph several species of whales and these photographs allow us to try to identify individual whales and give us an idea of how many whales and which individuals pass through our study area every year – you may be surprised at the long sighting history of some of these animals. We are also able to network with other organizations and individuals who work doing similar studies to determine the history and movements of these whales. For more information on our studies, to contribute photographs that you have taken or to view some of “our” whales, please go to:

You will enjoy getting to the whales in our 25 foot Zodiac. Since your safety and comfort are paramount to us you will also wear one of our Helly Hansen floatation suits designed to keep you warm and dry. Our staff is committed to your safety it is for this reason that our boat and all authorised staff are Transport Canada certified and hold appropriate first aid training. We also have 22 years of experience taking clients to view whales on the water in this area. Each trip will have a maximum of 11 clients on board to increase the viewing experience. It is normal to have a ‘cookies and coffee’ break during the trip, the length and timing of which will depend on individual circumstances.

A pod of Orcas.

A pod of Orcas.

Humpback whales do a double tail lob.

Humpback whales do a double tail lob.

A Humpback whale breaches.

A Humpback whale breaches.


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Sea of Whales
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