Cape Breton Miners Museum

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Cape Breton Miners Museum

Cape Breton Miners Museum pays tribute to the region's long and rich history of coal mining. It is home to profound stories of people in our communities that were born and raised by the flame of a coal fire and the resources that helped build a nation. The Museum is also home to the famous chorus of miners - The Men of the Deeps

Situated on one of the most picturesque coasts of Cape Breton Island, the Museum site offers something for everyone. Come and explore an authentic coal mine with a retired coal miner as your guide and experience life in a coal-mining town.

The Cape Breton Miners Museum includes a Main Museum that houses exhibits, a 150 seat theatre, gift shop and underground colliery. Our Museum also includes a Miners’ Village Complex comprised of a Company House, Company Store and Restaurant.

The Miners Museum Village

The Miners Museum Village


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Cape Breton Miners Museum
17 Museum Street
Glace Bay
B1A 5T8


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