Mongolie Grill Whistler

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Mongolie Grill Whistler

Come & experience the Mongolie Grill Whistler!! Create your ultimate stir fry from our huge selection of fresh vegetables, noodles, meats & seafoods, top it with your favorite sauce & condiments, then watch it be grilled right in front of you on our grill!! We are fun & fresh with a unique concept right in the middle of Whistler Village - come check it out! No reservations required as we are entirely a walk-in restaurant.

Our concept is excellent for allergies & dietary requirements, personally choose exactly what goes in to your meal, then watch the cooking process as we thoroughly clean an extra large space & use new red spatulas for your meal. Please alert your server of your allergy or dietary requirement so that we can assist you throughout the process!
Nut allergies: We have no peanuts on our food bar or in any ingredients or sauces. We do have cashews on our food bar and some ingredients are made in factories that may contain nuts and nut product.
Gluten/Celiac allergies: We have a great selection of gluten free sauces, noodles and marinades to go with your fresh vegetables, meats & seafood.
Vegan/Vegetarian: This place is a haven!! Our food bar is packed full of fresh vegetables, legumes, noodles & condiments. Plus receive 20% off Dinner!!

We are open 7 days a week for lunch & dinner
Lunch 11.30am - 4pm ** Get 20% off for lunch - every day!!**
Dinner 4pm - 10pm

Mongolie Grill Whistler
Mongolie Grill Whistler
Mongolie Grill Whistler


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Mongolie Grill Whistler
201-4295 Blackcomb Way
British Colombia


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