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Rosewood Holistic Health LLC
Downtown Celebration
Handicapped Accessible
Massage Therapy
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Medical Massage
Adult And Pediatric Massage

Therapeutic Bodywork has mistakenly been associated soley with pain and sports. But don’t forget, relaxation is therapeutic too! I have learned that a clear understanding of what a client needs, as well as attentively listening to the body tissues with my hands, allows me to deliver the appropriate technique with the right amount of pressure. Skillfully applied massage and various modalities can alliviate muscle soreness, increase range of motion, and lessen migraines, TMJD, and fibromyalgia pain. I want to help chronic pain sufferers of all kinds. Relief is just a phone call away.

Craniosacral Therapy enhances function within the system of membranes and fluids surrounding the central nervous system. Gentle pressure facilitates the body’s natural healing process helps to ease pain. Due to the complimentary nature of craniosacral therapy, it is perfect for infants and children, trauma survivors (including adoption, car accidents, severe falls, etc), and acute or chronic pain. Let craniosacral therapy get to the root of your pain so you can feel better. Make bodywork part of your proactive health plan. Don’t wait until pain overwhelms you.

Gentle stretching of the skin is the action which energizes and opens lymphatic vessels. The lymph is comprised of water, protein, long chain fatty acids, and cellular debris. Stagnant or dehydrated (due to the use of water pills, for example) is a recipe for a lymphatic system which cannot effectively rid the body of toxins or modulate how much lymph is in an area. This collection of lymph is often referred to as ‘swelling,’ ‘inflammation,’ or ‘water.’ Yes, some of the weight a person carries may very well be water weight…and has the potential for being lost during MLD treatment. Strengthen your health so you can better handle crisis.

In my opinion, the termonology ‘deep tissue’ is over-used, misunderstood, and completely inconsequential to an effective treatment. The depth of massage, in my opinion, is 100% based on how an individual’s tissues respond to the work they are receiving and the if the tissues NEED it. The point of massage is to instill and support health, not leave you feeling like you have been boxing! What I do is all based on what I feel. Learning how to feel is what massage therapist’s are trained to do. I care deeply for the health of people’s bodies. Every therapeutic bodywork session is unique to that day and to what symptoms a client has that day. Be assured that your concerns will be heard and addressed in the most professionally thorough way possible.

And I look forward to helping you get out of pain!

State of the art equipment / Handicap accessible

State of the art equipment / Handicap accessible



Young Living Essential Oil Distributor 97140

Young Living Essential Oil Distributor 97140

Member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association

Member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association


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Rosewood Holistic Health LLC
690 Celebration Ave #250
United States

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