Sunny Beach Karting

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Sunny Beach Karting
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LENGTH: 440 m.
WIDTH: 7 m.

Sunny Beach Karting Track is a highly technological circuit, whose total length is 440m. and its width- 7 m. It was originally constructed exclusively for the professional training purposes of the Bulgarian Car-Racing Team “Mercury” back in 2004, but subsequently evolved into a tourist attraction, drawing in many adrenalin-thirsty enthusiasts. The track resembles a miniature layout of some of the key corners in the F1 Gran Prix Calendar nowadays- Parabolica in Monza, the Hairpin- in Monaco, Tamburello- in Imola as well as Spoon- in Suzuka. On the other hand, the karting track is equipped with night lighting, so that many car-racing lovers could partially experience the thrill of the breath-taking midnight chases in Singapore and Abu Dhabi.
The circuit is made of special compound of smooth asphalt cover and liquid rubber, which guarantees the highest level of adhesion even in the areas beyond the ideal race trajectory . The dynamic nature of this track, along with its unflinching grip and comfortable width allows easy and adventurous overtakings ( both on the inside of the corner, during braking and on the outside of the curve, during accelerating after the apex zone).
Underneath the asphalted cover of the circuit, there lies an electronic QNH-electronic timing systems, which measures the laptimes of every participant and charts the best accomplishment on annual basis.
Architecturally, after the straight line, there comes an extremely fast and smooth combination of left and right corners, which can be darted throught at a full throttle- app.60-80 km/h., along with a slight sideways skidding of the karts. All that happens within centrofugal accelerations exceeding 2,5 G! This part of the circuit tests the pilots` abilities to control the throttle on the edge of skidding-off and their physical condition to withstand the high centrifugal G-forces and the rushing adrenaline levels. After the swift passage of the first several corners, you should step on the brakes before entering the slowest and most technical corner of the track- the HAIRPIN. This curves test your adaptiveness to the abrupt switching from adrenalin and dynamics to concentration and precision. If you have successfully reached the apex of the Hairpin, you can now take a well-deserved breath and engage yourself into a long acceleration throught the last 2 left corners before you dash onto the staightline again in a breathtaking jockeying for position with the other competitors.
The safety zones are comfortably broad so you could freely and safely leave the track in case of a mistake and reengage in the heat several seconds afterwards!

Sunny Beach Karting
Sunny Beach Karting
Sunny Beach Karting
Sunny Beach Karting
Sunny Beach Karting


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Sunny Beach Karting
Sunny beach, Main road A87
Sunny beach
+359 89 668 9858


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