Von Krahli Aed

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Von Krahli Aed

Everyone is welcome in Von Krahli Aed:vegans and omnivores, paleo enthusiasts and wine lovers, monks and sybarites.
We prefer local. We prefer organic. We prefer well-balanced food. We prefer the Nordic crispness and the taste of the food’s ingredient itself.
We prefer organic wines. We don’t have any others. All of our dishes can be ordered with or without meat. Our belief is that the pleasure from fresh and pure food is one of the greatest that nature can offer us.
We strive to mediate this joy to you with our best skills. Welcome to the Embassy of Pure Food!

Von Krahli Aed
Von Krahli Aed
Von Krahli Aed
Von Krahli Aed


Eat and Drink

  • Von Krahli Aed - Tallinn (0.0 miles) - Everyone is welcome in Von Krahli Aed:vegans and omnivores, paleo enthusiasts and wine lovers, monks...
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See and Do

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Von Krahli Aed
Rataskaevu 8
+372 6269088


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