Those Dam Boat Guys

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Those Dam Boat Guys

Join Those Dam Boat Guys' knowledgeable, funny and irreverent guides on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam for exactly the experience you're looking for. Those Dam Boat Guys want you to enjoy the sights and sounds from their small, silent, electric boats and learn about the stranger than fiction history of this weird jigsaw puzzle of a city we call home. Their boats only hold 12 people, and their guides don't read from a script, ensuring that the guests can have an intimate conversation with the guide instead of being force-fed a prerecorded multi-language tour like on the big floating buses. Bring whatever you'd like to eat, drink, and smoke (wink wink) if you feel so inclined. Pat yourself on the back because you've found the most laid back, fun and informative boat tour in Amsterdam. Space is limited, so book well in advance.

Those Dam Boat Guys
Those Dam Boat Guys


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Those Dam Boat Guys
Prinsengracht 128 (Cafe Wester)


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