Treasure Hunt Bratislava

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Treasure Hunt Bratislava

Fun team building activity in Bratislava, please?!

Are you are looking for something else than the usual bus/walking tour? Our game is an interactive way how to get to know this beautiful city. Our quest combines fascinating historical facts, bizarre legends and stories in one game and takes participants through beautiful streets and places where they have to solve series of problems using their good team work, creativity, orientations skills, attention to details and time management.

The Treasure Hunt Bratislava is an exciting way to discover Bratislava. It is an intellectual and physical activity, an interesting game full of knowledge which will show you Bratislava from different angle and keep your group entertained.

Treasure Hunt Bratislava


Eat and Drink

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See and Do

  • Treasure Hunt Bratislava Bratislava (0.0 miles) - Fun team building activity in Bratislava, please?! Are you are looking for something else than the us...
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Treasure Hunt Bratislava
Františkánske námestie 416/11


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