Halle Heart Children's Museum

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Halle Heart Childrens Museum

The American Heart Association’s (AHA) Halle Heart Children’s Museum (HHCM) is the only cardiovascular learning facility in the nation. It creates an educational, interactive and contemporary experience for children of all ages to increase awareness and prevent cardiovascular diseases. The exhibits and programs the Museum offers are based on three main principles: eating a balanced diet, making exercise a part of a daily routine and saying no to tobacco (making overall healthy choices). Serving as a resource to the community and seeing over 40,000 visitors each year, the Museum has impacted many visitor’s lives to make lifestyle choices that will create a new generation of healthy kids.

Follow Your Heart - In this exhibit kids learn all about the circulatory system, from arteries to veins to the heart itself, which is a muscle, an organ and a pump.

All Creatures Great and Small - People are mammals like most animals, and all mammals have four-chambered hearts. In this exhibit, visitors learn amazing facts about how the human heart compares to the heart of some favorite animals.

The Beat Goes On - Like any muscle, the heart needs exercise to keep it in shape. Students learn what kinds of exercise work best and then get to see just how fast their heart can beat after jumping, running in place and doing jumping jacks.

Marketplace - The human body only needs 60 grams of fat per day. In this hands-on exhibit kids learn how to read food labels and go shopping to select a healthy meal.

9-1-1 Theater - In this area of the museum visitors learn to recognize the signs of a heart attack and get a lesson in what to do if they see someone in distress.

Kitchen Café - Healthy cooking is fun and easy. In the museum’s commercial kitchen children learn how to make heart-healthy meals that are tasty too.

Goldman Theater - In this realistic 60-seat movie theater kids can watch a movie that helps them understand how to make smart food choices and avoid outside influences like advertising and peer pressure.

Stay on Course - In this exhibit children learn about the dangers of tobacco and smoking and learn how smoking causes decreased blood flow through the arteries.

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Halle Heart Children's Museum
Halle Heart Children's Museum
Halle Heart Children's Museum
Halle Heart Children's Museum
Halle Heart Children's Museum
Halle Heart Children's Museum


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Halle Heart Children's Museum
2929 South 48th Street
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