The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum

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The Magic House, St. Louis Childrens Museum

Located in the family-friendly city of St. Louis, Missouri, The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum is an award-winning children’s museum that features hundreds of interactive exhibits designed to appeal to kids of all ages, even adults! Adventurous visitors can climb a giant beanstalk, surround themselves in an enormous bubble, slide down a three-story slide and touch an electro-statically charged ball to make their hair stand on end. Visitors looking to challenge their minds can take a stroll down the Math Path to play fun number games on a giant calculator, get the ball rolling by designing the ultimate ball ramp at the Balls in Motion exhibit and learn about civic education while sitting behind the President’s desk in a replica Oval Office in the Museum’s Star-Spangled Center.

For those looking to express their creativity, the Art Studio and Make-It Workshop are sure to inspire. The Museum also offers a unique digital playground perfect for the visitor that is a techie at heart. Designed to inspire creative thinking and build an interest in digital technology, Future Play features Sketch Town where visitors can design colorful pictures of cars, buses, buildings and more to create an amazing virtual town and the Light Ball Orchestra where families can play in an elaborate orchestra by rolling soft, oversized balls that change sound and color when they touch.

The Museum’s youngest visitors will enjoy Wonder Works, a STEAM-infused exhibit area created especially for children two to eight and their families, that takes curious minds and busy bodies on a fun, learning adventure filled with hands-on, feet-on activities. At Wonder Works, kids can explore simple machines as they take the catapult challenge, race cars down an inclined plane and use a pulley or an Archimedes screw to move balls to new heights. Kids can also learn about the power of air as they use this important energy source to make whirligigs spin and magically but scientifically suspend balls in midair. One of the most popular areas of Wonder Works is the Sketch Aquarium. Using real fish from a giant saltwater aquarium as inspiration, kids can sketch their own ocean animals and watch their creativity come to life in a virtual underwater world.

Visitors can make their hair stand on end at the Van de Graaff generator

Visitors can make their hair stand on end at the Van de Graaff generator


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The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum
516 S. Kirkwood Rd.
Saint Louis
United States


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