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Related to the 'Baker and Spice' chain and serving fairly familiar Western food.


Eat and Drink

  • Organic Kitchen Shanghai - Shanghai (1.5 miles) - Organic Kitchen is the first organic food delivery service in Shanghai. Since 2008, we have been pro...
  • Sproutworks 豆苗工坊 - Shanghai (1.6 miles) - Sproutworks is “fast casual” western restaurant founded in 2013 which brings convenient, fresh, ...
  • Farine - Shanghai (1.9 miles) - From the selection of stone-ground wheat flours we import every month, to the coffee beans we receiv...
  • Ginger Modern Asian Bistro - Shanghai (2.0 miles) - Awaiting the urban explorer in Shanghai's historic French Concession is a true hidden gem; a ver...
  • Old BeiJing Roast duck - Shanghai (2.0 miles) - As everybody knows, China has very long history, also as Chinese culture. Chinese food culture is on...



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