Restaurant Karuzo

Restaurant Karuzo

Categories: Sarajevo
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Restaurant Karuzo

Vegetarian&Vegan and Mediterranean Cuisine


Eat and Drink

  • Restaurant Karuzo - Sarajevo (0.0 miles) - Vegetarian&Vegan and Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Pivnica HS Sarajevo - Sarajevo (0.4 miles) - The Pivnica HS, due to its unique authentic atmosphere in Sarajevo is a favorite place of all beer l...

See and Do

  • National Gallery of BiH Sarajevo (0.2 miles) - The National Gallery of BiH was established by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bosnia a...
  • Sarajevo Brewery Museum Sarajevo (0.4 miles) - The Sarajevo Brewery was founded on May 24th, 1864, and historians consider it the oldest industrial...
  • History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo (1.4 miles) - The History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to collect, preserve, explore, present, and promot...


Restaurant Karuzo
Dženetića čikma bb
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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