Spaghetteria Oost

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Spaghetteria Oost

Spaghetteria AmsterdamSPAGHETTERIA
Spaghetteria is all about fresh, homemade pasta and appreciation for ancient Italian traditions according to chef Stefano Cavallari. In our own Laboratorio we turn the finest organic flour from Emilia Romagna into different types of pasta, all with their own shape, origin, and style of preparation. Naturally we also provide gluten-free variations.

We present the freshly made pasta to you at our two pasta-bars in a menu of three permanent classics and three other traditional dishes, which change on a daily basis. All supervised by the chef and based on his knowledge of, and love for, the food from his childhood. Served, of course, at one of the robust tables or intimate window seats. Afterwards there’s tiramisu or just espresso with dark chocolate.

So whether you go South or West, the name Spaghetteria means exactly the same. High quality Italian food, served with some Amsterdam flair in a vibrant atmosphere.

Vi aspettiamo tutti per un buon piatto di pasta in Spaghetteria

We’ll be waiting for you with a plate of beautiful pasta at the Spaghetteria.

Spaghetteria Oost


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Spaghetteria Oost
Pretoriusstraat 72
1092 GK


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