Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover

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Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover

Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover (Until Now) is a unique museum, dedicated to the ways Dutch people approach the inevitability of death, now & in the past. The museum and adjoining café Roosenburgh are located on Amsterdams largest monumental cemetery De Nieuwe Ooster (New Eastern). The building is a combination of a 19th-century gravedigger house and a specially built bright, transparent modern building.

The permanent presentation of Museum Tot Zover focusses not only on the traditional funerary culture of the Netherlands, but also on the multicultural ways of saying goodbye in contemporary Dutch society. It comprises unique historical and art-historical exhibits ranging from late medieval period to the 21st century, touching upon a multitude of aspects of burial, cremation and bereavement throughout the ages. It includes a variety of funeral coaches, including a nineteenth century ceremonial carriage, hearses, obituaries, mourning attire and ritual objects. A special display shows the funeral rituals of different cultures in The Netherlands, like the Surinam, Chinese and Muslim communities. The museum presents some very extraordinary objects, like a bouquet of flowers made from human hair and an ash urn made from paperwork from a deceased.
A free English language information leaflet is available.

The museum also organizes extraordinary temporary exhibitions in the field of art, photography and history. Artists and students working with themes like loneliness, grief, mourning and loss, like to exhibit in the calm, serene surroundings the museum offers. And the museum likes to offer them this opportunity. Past exhibitions include themes like death & architecture, poetry for the lonely deceased, interiors of lonely people and a large installation about moruning by a Surinam artist. All exhibitions are provided with translated texts.

Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover and Memorial Park De Nieuwe Ooster offer you a break from the busy inner-city. After visiting the museum you can take a walk along the winding paths and luscious green arboretum of the cemetery. And why not do as the Dutch at a traditional funeral? Order coffee and cake at the lovely Café Roosenburgh.

´Such an amazing museum... my favorite place to visit in Amsterdam!´ Bill Pechet, Vancouver - Guestbook review june 2017

Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover
Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover
Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover
Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover
Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover
Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover


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Dutch Funeral Museum Tot Zover
Kruislaan 124
The Netherlands
1097 GA


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