Caravan Air Conditioning Essentials: 8 Things That Can Keep Your Van Cool

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Caravan Air Conditioning essentials : Summers are bound to get hotter and you better be prepared for it if you want to enjoy your yearly road adventures. If you want to ensure that your caravan is cool and comfortable on your next road adventure, you should read on to learn of the eight essential things that can keep your van from being less fun.

Caravan Air Conditioning

PRO TIP: The best times to execute these expert tips are during late winter and early spring. Both seasons will ensure that you’re caravan is ready by the time summer hits.

8 Essential Things To Do To Keep Your Van Cool

1. Maintain good airflow in your caravan with a 12-volt fan.

The first thing that you should consider is your caravan’s airflow. If it’s in a good state, you can be sure that you’d be comfortable even on hot nights.

For good airflow, experts recommend that you install a 12-volt fan. Fans are inexpensive and do not consume much energy. Just make sure to check its noise level before purchasing. You wouldn’t want a fan that’s noisy enough to wake you up when you’re sleeping. Make it a point to choose a reliable brand.

2. Insulate your van properly.

Insulation is important because the sun can easily heat up the temperature of your caravan. If your caravan is relatively new, you need not worry about this as new caravan models are now robustly insulated. This will only become an issue if your caravan is of an older model.

For older models, you should consider retrofitting your wall and roof insulation. If insulation will be too expensive, you can instead invest in caravan air conditioners or fans. Choose ones of good quality from trustworthy brands.

3. Use the best caravan air conditioning.

Air conditioning for your caravan is key if you want to truly enjoy your summer adventures. You could opt for one that is built into your cabin area or one that can be installed on your roof.

If opting for a rooftop caravan, choose an air conditioner that is easy to install and won’t make your caravan feel smaller. Its installation should not affect your available storage space.

Built-in air conditioners can be installed inside a cupboard or underneath your bed.

4. Invest in caravan awning.

Having a caravan awning can greatly help in keeping your caravan cool. When installed, it can give you a bigger space where you could easily relax and lounge under a cool shade. PRO TIP: Always park under a shady tree to maximize your awning’s cooling capability.

With awnings, not all parts of your caravan will directly receive the heat of the sun. With such a set-up, your caravan will feel airier and less humid. Choose lightweight awnings as they allow more cool wind to come in. Awnings are ideal caravan accessories because they can also robustly protect your belongings from all kinds of weather conditions.

5. Use LED or fluorescent lights.

If you still use halogen or incandescent light globes, it’s time to stop using them. Such lights emit more heat and can easily make your caravan feel hotter. They also consume more energy. LED or fluorescent lights are better because they are not as hot and they consume lesser energy.

PRO TIP: Keep your halogen or incandescent lights stored properly. You will need them come winter as they will greatly help in keeping your caravan feel warmer. Use different light bulbs for different seasons.

6. Check your roof’s paint.Dometic Freshjet FJ2200 Roof top air conditioner with heat element. A lighter, smaller and more efficient series of roof top air conditioners. The beauty of these Freshjet units is that not only will they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, they are also operated by remote control.

When was the last time you checked your roof’s paint? If your caravan has been feeling hotter, you may want to check your roof as its paint could already be peeling. Your caravan will heat up faster when your roof’s paint is not in good condition. If upon checking and you see that there are already peeled areas, you should opt to repair them at once. Opt to use paint with insulating properties. Choose a brand that is of good quality.

7. Use insulating paint.

Regardless if your roof’s paint is peeling or some parts of your caravan already need repair, you should opt to use insulating paint. Your caravan will feel cooler and heat up slower because an insulating paint will add a brand new layer of protection from excessive heat.

Don’t be intimidated by insulating paint. It is applied in the same way normal paint is applied. You will simply need a roller and a brush. You can easily do it by yourself. If you’re not that skilled with painting, you can hire others to do it for you.

8. Have a tinted window.

Last but not the least, have tinted windows. Tinted windows are best because they effectively lessen the effect of the sun’s heat upon your caravan. With a tinted window, your caravan will feel cooler because less heat from the sun will be able to get into your caravan.

PRO TIPS: Make it a default move to always open your windows. Opening your windows will ensure the maintenance of good airflow. Make it a point to cook outside if you can. Always look for shady areas to park your caravan.

Easy Does It

Keeping your caravan cool is not really complicated. You just need to follow our tips and you’d be good to go. To maintain a cool caravan, always prioritize good airflow. Consistent good airflow is the secret to keeping your caravan cool.


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