What To Expect When Wakeboarding In Costa Rica As A Beginner

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If you’re travelling through Costa Rica, the chances are you have come across a number of locals who partake in watersports. How could you not when the country boasts some of the best beaches in the world? It would almost seem a waste not to utilise them – and that applies to you as well.

Even if you have never partaken in watersports before, a Costa Rican vacation constitutes the perfect opportunity to get a board under your feet and give it a go. But which board is best to begin with?

Although some might say the simple nature of surfing provides the best jumping-on point, wakeboarding can be just as simple, not to mention less intense – the nature of wakeboarding means that the sea must be calm in order to create your own wake.

With this in mind, here are a few things to expect – and prepare for – if you choose to wakeboard in Costa Rica:

For Starters, Choose The Right Place

As mentioned before, there are plenty of beaches in Costa Rica, but you’re looking for a place that is both beautiful in scenery and calm for the wake. Lake Arenal is probably the best place for this.

Not only does it offer perfect conditions for wakeboarders, but companies like volcano.cr offer a unique experience with their own equipment, boats, instructors and maybe a bit of music to add to the mix! It is always best to try out wakeboarding with instructors who know exactly what they are doing, and this is undoubtedly the best place to do it!

Wakeboarding In Costa Rica

Focus On Your Instructors

Speaking of instructors, it is important that you actually take in what they are telling you. It sounds like a moot point, but when you are trying something new, it is easy to get ahead of yourself.

If you’re always thinking about the next step – or concerned about landing flat on your face – you could miss some important pointers from your instructors and end up landing on your face anyway.

Standing Up Is A Result

Small victories are important when it comes to watersports. It may seem simple – you are standing on a small board with foot bindings, being pulled with a rope that is connected to the boat – but even managing to do that is a trick in itself.

You’re also in Costa Rica, wakeboarding underneath one of Costa Rica’s many volcanoes, so it won’t take much more to get the adrenaline pumping.

Falling Is Also Not An Issue

Just because standing up and maintaining your balance is a success, it doesn’t mean falling is a failure. It is natural for beginners to get it wrong sometimes, especially if conditions aren’t peak and there are unpredictable wakes.

Just stay calm and trust your instructors. Before you know it, you will be balancing far longer than you had been before, and you might even be ready to try out a few jumps.

Take It All In

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world for a reason. It is important – even when you are attempting to master the art of wakeboarding – to stay in the moment and appreciate where you are and what you are doing.

It is important to remember, also, that wakeboarding can be tiring, especially for beginners in rougher water. In this way, you should enjoy every moment while it lasts and make sure to ride the ocean with a smile on your face!