5 activities to do in San Francisco in spring!

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Spring in San Francisco is one of the best times for outdoor activities. The temperatures are moderate, and the city has a lot to offer. In comparison with other cities in California, the weather is much nicer. Moreover, the Pacific Ocean provides a fresh breeze during the spring season. So if you are planning to visit San Francisco, early spring is probably the best time, not only in terms of the weather but also in terms of activities. The spring season brings a fresh breeze and the sweet scent of flowers to mind. If you enjoy flower exhibitions, you must come to San Francisco.

Here are a few activities you can plan in San Francisco during the spring season:

Visit the Macy flower show.

A group takes a selfie in front of a giant floral display outside Macy's Herald Square on Sunday in Manhattan.

Are you mesmerized by your local flower delivery in San Francisco? You will be amazed at the Macy Flower Show, held annually at the Macy store in downtown San Francisco.

During the spring season, the Macy Flower Show is a perfect opportunity for you to witness nature in all its glory. The flower exhibition lasts around two weeks and showcases various flower arrangements that are breathtaking. With unique flower pieces, you will be transported into a completely different world. It is bound to wake up your inner florist. You can find local flowers as well.

Check the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco starts this  weekend - 96.5 KOIT

The Cherry Blossom festival is held in Japantown every year. It celebrates the Japanese culture with food, music, and other cultural activities; it culminates with a parade. The festival symbolizes the cultural ties of the US and Japan. It is an ode to the Japanese American community.

The event is open for all and offers a unique opportunity for people to experience the culture. This year the event was held virtually.

Attend Saint Patrick’s Day in San Francisco!

Murphy's Irish Dancers walk down Market Street at the annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade and Festival in San Francisco Saturday, March 12, 2016. (Emma Chiang/ Special to S.F. Examiner)

The Saint Patrick’s Day parade is the highlight of the day in San Francisco. There are many activities you can enjoy in the city. Public places are open for kids and adults. Also, there is entertainment throughout the day. Various pubs are open and offer live music to the guests. It is a day full of fun, and you also get an opportunity to learn something.

Go out for a stroll in the Japanese Tea Garden.

Since the spring weather is mild and not too hot, it is the perfect time to visit outdoor public spaces. Also, spring is when you can witness the cherry blossoms. Hence, it is the best time to visit the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. If you are fascinated by cherry blossoms in Japan, then you would surely love this place. It is one of the oldest Japanese gardens in the county. It has been in existence since 1894. It is present inside Golden Gate Park. There is also a gift shop where you can get yourself memorabilia. The best part is that entrance into the garden is free. Although it is open throughout the year, the best time to visit is during the spring season.

Go to the San Francisco Botanical Garden!

The Botanical Garden offers more than 8000 species of flowers. The spring season is the best time to visit when the flowers are in bloom. Your senses will be stimulated by colors and the sweet scent of flowers. The Botanical Garden is open to the public. However, you have to purchase a ticket. You can also enjoy a picnic on the various lawns at the location.


These are a few activities that nature-lovers will surely enjoy in San Francisco. Spring is the best season to visit. Make sure to plan your visit around this time.


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