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Elefantastic Elephant Farm is a unique and inspiring experience, we have created a kind of place which is special and we doubt you’ll have seen anything like it anywhere else, this makes our elephant farm a must do for anyone visiting India.

Although Elefantastic was only born on 21st February 2012, my family's involvement with our elephants stretches back over four generations. My great grandfather was an elephant rider in the Maharaja's (the King of Amber Kingdom) army. For my grandfather’s diligence and loyalty to the army, the Maharaja presented him with one of his elephants as a gift, in order to sustain a living for his family after he left the army. Since then it has been our family tradition and continuing career to become elephant riders.

Before Elefantastic materialized, I was an elephant rider at Amber Palace for nine years, providing riding tours for the many tourists that visited the palace. Although I enjoyed being an elephant rider and met many tourists doing so, I wanted something more meaningful, not for me, but for my elephants. Many of the tourists I came into contact with were interested in the day to day life of elephants rather than just wanting an ordinary ride. This helped me realize that I wanted to show people a more in-depth insight into the lives of my elephants. There are vast misconceptions across India that animals, especially elephants are very badly mistreated. I decided I wanted to take a step forward in eradicating these misconceptions and show people that this is not always the case.

This decision inspired me to start Elefantastic Elephant Farm, whose aim is to give you the best possible insight into the daily lives of our elephants. You will see that all of our elephants are well fed, with spacious rooms, weekly vet check ups to make sure they're as healthy as possible and are taken care of by loving and caring riders. I want people to see that Elefantastic isn't just a business or a tourism trade for me, it’s my life. I want people to realize how important my elephants are and their well being is of the utmost importance, this is reflected in how well treated and happy they are on my farm.

Remember we're not just an elephant farm (or sanctuary like most visitors think) but we are people who believe in consistently delivering an exceptional travel experience; from elephant habitat design to guest activities, comfortable transport and travel destination selection to excellent customer service. I intend to inform you that we are extending our quality service and experiential focus to the travel domain.

Please have a look at our travel services :

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– 3/4/5 star and Heritage Hotel booking anywhere in India
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