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Here’s some tourism inspiration for you, put a shot of adrenaline into your holiday and try TANDEM SKYDIVING!

Enjoy the thrilling adventure of falling at speeds of up to 200km per hour over the Darwin’s fantastic beaches.  Operating for over 15 years and delivering over 15,000 exhilarating tandem skydives to thousands of happy customers, we’re Darwin’s most experienced tandem skydiving crew.  Warm temperate air, blue skies and soft beach landings make Darwin the perfect spot to experience your first tandem jump. Our safety record is spotless, and our highly trained and experienced tandem masters have thousands of jumps under their belt (or parachute).

Owned and operated by Ashley “Ash” Smith, Top End Tandems is a business born of fun and passion. Taking his first tandem jump over two decades ago, Ash fell in love with skydiving and the spectacular thrill of soaring over Darwin’s beautiful tropical landscape. Now, with one of the best safety records in the industry, people choose to skydive the beach with Top End Tandems because of the unbeatable location and conditions, highly trained and experience tandem masters, and the team’s ability to make every jump a no holds barred thrill ride.



  • What is tandem skydiving?

    Tandem Skydiving is the best way to do your first skydive – secured to an experienced instructor. Tandem skydiving allows you to experience the amazing world of skydiving with no previous experience.


  • Can anybody do a tandem skydive?

    Yes! Anyone from the age of 12 years and up and in generally good health can enjoy tandem skydiving. Maximum weight is 105 kilos.

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  • Do you need to have any training?

    No previous experience is required. You are secured to an experienced instructor who will give you a short briefing before your skydive so that you know what to expect and will get the most out of your skydiving experience. Just simply turn up on the day, and jump!

    Tandem Skydive


Key  Info

Who:  Top End Tandems

Where:  Australia – Northern Territory





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