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Snorkel with Wild Dolphins an Seals and Surf our Never Ending Wave at Queenscliff, Victoria!

Our 3.5 hour experience departs from the iconic Queenscliff Harbour. Our vessel, The Maureen M, is rich in local history and the perfect vessel to take you out on your adventure on Port Phillip Bay. The vessel is equipped with a boom net hammock for up to four people at a time, a viewing deck up top which provides exceptional viewing, fresh water and a toilet facilities. Your fare includes wet suit and snorkeling equipment hire, light refreshments, a snorkeling lesson and in water assistance where required.

The tour will make 3 stops in most instances. A snorkel with the local bachelor herd of Australian Fur Seals at ‘Chinaman’s Hat, an incredible interactive experience with guaranteed sightings. We stop for a snorkel in the local marine national park – Popes Eye, this reef is known to be more bio diverse than the Great Barrier Reef and an incredible place to become familiar with your snorkeling gear. We then head off in search of the local Burranan Dolphins, these animals love the speed and sound of our vessel and are often found playing, diving and weaving on the bow wake. These amazing animals are wild and the interactions are always on their terms, we put you in the best position to have the best most uplifting in water experience possible. This can be an awe inspiring experience, having Dolphins swimming around you and looking deeply into your eyes.

We love for our clients to have a memorable experience which is why we like to conduct other adventure activities in while we are in search of the wild dolphins. Favourite’s include jumping from the roof of the vessel, holding onto the ropes that hang from the boom net – rope riding, and partaking in our duck board spa.

Our vessel throws up a bow wake that is big enough to surf, for that reason we also offer Victoria’s only man made wave surfing experience. The wave breaks at any time of the day and rides can last for over 15 minutes, allowing beginners to really get the feel of surfing without having to battle the shore break. To surf the wave we get the boat under way, you sit on the boom net with your feet on the board as it surfs the wake below you, all you need to do then is stand up and experience the easiest and most rewarding way to learn to surf. We guarantee results, stand up and surf on your first trip or come back for free. This truly is like nothing else and is the absolute best way to get some ‘green wave time’ under your belt before you have even paddled out.

These experiences have been said to be the best things that clients have ever done, which is why we hold a 5 star trip advisor rating. We would love for you to share these experiences with us, we offer services for all sizes, ages and swimming abilities. Come and become a part of the history creating a lifelong memory at Queenscliff, Victoria.


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