Discover Paris as a City for Self-Love

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Thousands of couples a year visit Paris as a city of love, but more and more people are starting to visit the city as a place for self-care, self-investment and self-love.

The city has a lot to offer the solo traveller, with plenty of interesting museums, galleries and monuments to explore, as well as its world-famous cuisine and wines. Paris also has some incredible hotels and holiday rental apartments available. This means you can be waited on hand-and-foot at a five star and highly rated hotel, or enjoy your independence at and exclusive and unique city centre apartment.

Travelling solo in Paris can be an incredible experience. This city has so much to offer that you will be spoiled for choice whether you are looking for some history, culture or just some food. The city is littered with spa facilities that offer the latest beauty therapies if you feel the need to invest in a little relaxation and peace of mind.

In this quick guide, we are going to look at just a few of the many reasons that Paris is quickly becoming one of Europe’s premier destinations for a solo traveller looking to make some personal investments with a little self-love.

Find Food for Your Soul

Some of the best food in the world can be found in just about any restaurant in Paris. Even the Parisian chain restaurants have something special to offer that you won’t find anywhere else; a Parisian McDonalds will offer the famous Royale with Cheese!

It is hard to find a bad meal in a city like Paris; even its food trucks and street vendors take great pride in their culinary offerings.


Visit Cathedrals of Art and Culture

Paris is littered with unique art galleries and museums, as well as some of the most culturally significant historical sites and monuments in Europe.

If you are planning on visiting some of Paris’ museums and monuments, you should try to book ahead and save yourself some money with FastPassTours. They have Palace of Versailles tickets on sale at a much cheaper rate than you would pay when you got to Paris.


Spoil Yourself with Some Hollywood Magic

One of Paris’ best-known attractions doesn’t come from Europe, but all the way from Hollywood.

Disneyland Paris is one of the world’s best theme parks and resorts, and gives the city the one thing it was missing; the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself by reconnecting with your childhood. Disneyland Paris is a favourite among Disney fans, and is often considered one of the best Disney parks in the world. It has everything you’d expect from Disneyland, conveniently located just minutes away from Paris city centre.

Paris has so much to offer a European traveller that just a weekend break isn’t enough time to see everything it has to offer, and more and more people are making it a destination to spend a week or two exploring.

Hopefully this quick guide has given you some of the information you need to consider making a trip to Paris your next holiday destination