Experience Macau , Vegas of China, as the city of culture and art

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The Venetian Macao

Best known as the Vegas of China, Macau represents a Special Administrative Region of China Mainland. It is just one hour away by ferry from Hong Kong. Once a Portuguese colony, this city is an interesting mix of the old and new – from shiny, grandiose casino venues to old streets paved with unique tiles. This town is definitely a place you should consider visiting.

Macau is probably one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. Tourists say that in Macau you can visit the most beautiful, glamorous and posh casinos. The truth is that this destination offers more than the lights, sounds and thrills of gaming.

Macau is a cradle of culture 

Macau is a home to 20.500 people/km2. The total population of Macau counts to 670.000 citizens. Locals and tourists during the year make Macau a multicultural rendezvous point. The economy of Macau is based on tourism and the industry employs 14.8% of the workforce, while over 10.5% work in the casino industry. A fun fact worth mentioning here is that Macau holds the second place for longest life expectancy in the world.

You can visit two places at the same time 

Tourists who visit Macau will find themselves immersed in an Asian town that captivates the essentials of European heritage. Macau’s old town is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Being in Macau will make you feel like you are in two places at once. Most of the signs and direction maps are in Portuguese, although you are in China. The influence is evident in the Macanese cuisine, which is a mix of African, Chinese and Portuguese food. If you’re in for traditional Macanese food, try their seafood and olives.

The largest casino centre 

Macau, China skyline at the high rise casino resorts.

Although it is constantly compared to Las Vegas, today, Macau represents the world’s largest casino centre. You can choose from differently themed casino venues like The Venetian, Rio Casino, Pharaoh’s Palace and many more. Every time you enter a different casino, you feel like you are visiting  Rio, Venice or Egypt. That is an experience not many cities can offer. You can choose from the traditional game of poker and blackjack, to the most popular themed slot games. This game has evolved tremendously on the online gaming platform. There are various choices of online slot games you can check out at SlotsWise. This way, before planning a visit to some of these luxurious venues, you will get familiar with the game and how it’s played.

This industry has skyrocketed the city’s GDP which contributes to the living standard. Ever since the Portuguese colonial authorities legalised gambling in 1847, it has remained the only place in China where it is legal. The casino culture started to make its way back to popularity in the early 60s. Group of businessmen led by Stanley Ho were granted the monopoly for all gambling in Macau. The industry started to rise and attract players from nearby Hong Kong. This industry even managed to influence other areas of interest, like improving the ferry service. The most prominent casino from this period is the 12 story Casino Lisboa, which was built in 1970.

Must visit beaches 

Macau can satisfy the beach lovers because this busy and crowded city has a natural, wild beach. The Hac Sa Beach is the largest and is located in the southeast region of Coloane Island. It is famous for its black sand, which can be attributed to the minerals that were washed ashore. Centuries ago, the sand was known to be pitch black. Over time and due to the erosion, the dark sand turned yellowish and lightened the dark hue of the beach.

Gastronomical paradise 

If you enjoy trying different specialties, be ready for a delicious treat. Macau represents a gastronomical nirvana, and this can be a major reason why you should visit this place. We recommend trying the Portuguese fried rice, as well as the charcoal roasted seafood and African chicken. Do not forget their local specialty, the Macanese egg tart that is sugar free. Their fast food is much different from what we are used to, cause it looks like it’s homemade, slow cooked treat. Try a large portion of dim sum and pork chop bun.

Events and festivals 

Tradition is an important part of the lifestyle in Macau. The Macau International Dragon Boat festival combines a traditional celebration with an exciting sporting event. Alongside the traditional festivals are more contemporary events like concerts and art exhibitions. For example, September stands for International Fireworks Display contest when teams from across the globe prepare outstanding shows that light up the night sky in a myriad of colours.

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