Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

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Rooterville Animal Sanctuary provides a safe and compassionate refuge to hundreds of rescued farm animals. Founded in 2004, Rooterville is a place where animals can roam freely and enjoy their lives, on 30 beautiful acres in a serene farm-like setting near Melrose, Florida. We currently have over 400 rescued animals calling the sanctuary their home. Our residents, which we kindly refer to as our ambassadors, include pot-bellied pigs, farm pigs, cows, turkeys, chickens, goats, horses, and honey bees. We also have beautiful butterfly gardens to nurture the butterfly and pollinator population.

Rooterville is not a mainstream tourist attraction or a zoo, but a working sanctuary for farm animals in need of a loving and safe home. Rooterville’s focus is on healing and caring for rescued animals. However, we have also made education and awareness a top priority, that’s why we welcome visitors to experience something so unique and special, there’s nothing like it anywhere! Our hope is that what you learn at Rooterville will help you make kinder choices as a consumer. We have lots of free information about how to do that, even if you love food! And we do, believe me! Here at Rooterville, we want to give you a chance to meet all of our animal ambassadors. We offer (by appointment only) free, intimate-tours that provide our visitors with the opportunity to hear the incredible stories of the animals’ lives before making it to Rooterville. The tour is packed-full of information and fun! The animals are friendly and approachable. While on tour, you’ll have the chance to snap some great photos of the animals to share with friends and family. Rooterville also has a bed and breakfast and a screened room in the barn overlooking the sanctuary to “camp”, if you’re interested in spending extra time at the sanctuary to experience the daily cycle of our animals. Staying in the barn is a unique and fun experience! Overlooking the beautiful sanctuary, the barn is cozy and equipped with all of the comforts of home like a bathroom, coffee pot, microwave and fridge! And, no bugs! The lights at night give it a romantic, beautiful atmosphere. We’re close enough to Gainesville to get your favorite foods and take in other great attractions like the Butterfly Rain Forest, one of our favorites! All of the usual fast food and some local restaurants are within 10 miles of Rooterville too. We are about an hour from Jacksonville and St Augustine. When you visit, you’ll get as much animal interaction as you like! You can bring food to feed the friendly pot bellied pigs and Tinsel the ginormous steer LOVES bananas! (hint) Hold Admiral Fluffy Boots, the adorable rooster, he loves to pose for pictures! It will be an experience you’ll remember and treasure for a lifetime! Ginger and Gracie the adorable chiweenies are always a big hit. They are the REAL bosses of this place and you’ll notice that immediately! They love to roll over for a belly rub. But you cannot take them home with you! (everyone wants to!) We do have stuffed weenie dogs available for sale in our cute gift shop though, to remind you of them! Come and enjoy a unique, awesome visit at one of the neatest, most beautiful sanctuaries for farm animals in the country. You’ll be glad you did! We look forward to seeing you at Rooterville, and so do the animals!

** For more information about Rooterville or how to donate, please visit our website **

** To Schedule a Tour: Please contact our tour guide via email **

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