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Splash White Water Rafting Scotland are one of the UK’s oldest expert outdoor adventure activity providers. Based in the scenic town of Aberfeldy in Perthshire and at Pinkston watersports centre in Glasgow city centre. Splash offer the best white water rafting and canyoning in Scotland. More adventure experiences include River Bugs, Duckies, Stand Up Paddle Boarding plus Climbing and Abseiling. Splash provides every white water rafting trip with free professional rafting photography on all river rafting trips.

White Water Rafting: One of the most exciting river activities ever created. Whitewater rafts are engineered to handle everything the river can throw at them. You and the team will work with one of our experienced guides to navigate the raging rapids. The rapids come in a grade from 1 (flat, scenic) to 5 (high adventure). We have access to many rivers from the fun and bouncy Tay (Grade 2 and 3) to the mighty Orchy ( Grade 3,4 and 5). See you on the river.

Canyoning: If you like the idea of jumping, swimming, walking and even abseiling down the river, then canyoning is for you. A unique activity that sees you work with our highly trained canyon guides to descend through a steep gorge or canyon. At times throughout the trip, you will get the chance to jump, scramble and swim in amazing natural beauty. Adrenaline will flow and excitement will be had.As one of the most experienced Canyoning in Scotland providers, your enjoyment is guaranteed.

River Bugging: If you looking for something that resembles an inflatable armchair to whip you through the rapids then look no further. River bugging is high energy, adrenaline-fueled excitement. A team of buggers work with our highly trained white water river bugging guides to see every nook and cranny the river has to offer. If rafting is the 4x4s of the river, then bugging is the low profile sports cars, you will feel and see everything like never before. Excitement guaranteed. River Bugging takes place on the River Tummel near Pitlochry.

River Duckies: A cross between a white water raft and a kayak, a river duckie is an excellent and exciting way to experience the river under your own control. Navigate the rapids and experience the thrill of being the captain of your own Duckie. Each Duckie sits two and each trip is guided by one of the experienced guides from a kayak.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs): Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an off shot of traditional surfing which originated in Hawaii. A fairly new sport that has blossomed over the last few years, which has seen the sport diverge from the sea to the river. We have a full fleet of boards and ready to take you down the river on a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), enjoy the stunning scenery of this beautiful Perthshire valley from a whole new viewpoint. This is an area with a diverse wildlife, which is best seen from the river or one of the stunning Lochs in the area. Perfect for exploring the river in smaller groups, you can control your own journey while our expert guides keep a watchful eye over you to ensure your safety.

Abseiling: What goes up must come down, experience thrill of being at height in a secure and safe environment. Our experts will guide and assist you as you lower yourself down a vertical rock-face. Experience the weightlessness, the adrenaline rush of going over the edge and don’t forget to take in the views.

Paintball: We have numerous games to keep you and your team entertained for hours. They are all fast paced and action packed, relive your finest action movie moments as you shoot paint at your friends.

Glasgow Rafting: White Water Rafting Glasgow is in the very heart of Glasgow. Rafting is one of the most exciting river activities in Scotland and now you can experience the thrill and excitement in the centre of Glasgow. Whitewater rafts are engineered to handle everything the course can throw at them. You and your team will work with one of our experienced guides to navigate the raging rapids. The course is 100m long, running up to 7 cumecs (tonnes per second) ie lots of water. The course brings the rapids fast and tight together guaranteeing an exciting adrenaline packed time, every time. The session last around 1 hr 30 min with 1hr on the water. Go around the course as much as you can in the hour.

What’s Included in General: Helmets Buoyancy Aid Paddle Equipment Transport on and off the river Experienced guides on each trip A trip leader on each trip and an operations manager on dry land. We also include free professional photography with every trip which you can download and share with your friends and family.

Not Included for Water Activities: Swimwear Shoes Thermals Towels

We are able to create bespoke multi activity packages also to suit your interest, location and time available. We look forward to seeing you on the river.


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