Things to Consider When Chartering a Yacht

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Chartering a Yacht :Southeast Asia has the best shores in the world. With a quality yacht, it guarantees a unique experience with your families and friends to enjoy the view of crystal waters and the sunrise and sunset on the deck. It is a perfect choice to charter a yacht but understanding the following factors can help you decide. These include:

Finding a Location

Taking a trip around Asia will give you a lot of possible options. One thing for sure is that it offers a wide range of beaches and other tourist spots to satisfy your travel expectations. Travelers can also taste local cuisines on the yacht with the help of professional chefs. 

Chartering a Yacht

The most popular cruising destination is no other than Thailand, specifically in Phuket Islands. It is a very relaxing place which many tourists were pleased with. Thailand is also known for its delicious and special cuisines that most visitors long for. Also, the beaches there are incomparable, and they allow nightlife to add up pleasure for the entire stay.

Another best destination is in Malaysia, the Langkawi Archipelago. It delivers more limestone islands because of the marine sites around the area. If there is one thing that tourists love the most in these islands, it would be its duty-free status which is very rare in some chartering companies.

Some tourists prefer to charter a yacht for a short period. So, Hong Kong is among the right places to cruise. It is ideal for people who want to escape from the city for a while and yet have the freedom to enjoy the moment.

More beautiful beaches exist in Singapore. It has the nicest sunset view that keeps you away from stress.

Last but not least is the seas of Indonesia that are too stunning not to visit with a yacht. This place has a notable culture every visitor can take pleasure in, plus the beach scene that is unique from the other said destinations.

Get Weather Update

Seasons differ in every yacht destination you should be aware of. Certain months can make cruising better. For instance, in Thailand, you can avoid the rainy season between November and April. The weather could be warmer and so it is safer to ride on a yacht.

The location also has an impact on how the trip will go. Areas near the equator, like Singapore and Hong Kong, are the best destinations during the summer. Tourists can enjoy a lot of famous spots, such as the National Park and Raja Ampat in the third and last quarter of the year, respectively.

Knowing such factors can help you determine when to book a yacht. Most charter companies might offer discounts for in-season yacht getaways.

Type of Vacation

Your choice of the yacht will depend on the travel requirements. It is important to consider the overall sailing experience in picking a boat. Traveling with your family would require ample space to ensure everyone’s comfort throughout the trip. Therefore, a catamaran is the most suitable yacht to meet your travel needs. It is fast and has great stability to prevent seasickness, especially for kids and elders.

For bigger occasions to be held in a boat, it is ideal to charter a superyacht. It provides more space to cater to extra guests without compromising comfort. Compared to catamarans, huge yachts are absolutely luxurious with added amenities for all the visitors. This might cost higher than small boats, however, it is worthwhile.

Type of Yacht Charter

The next step is choosing a charter type for your travel needs. Yachts have three types – crewed, bareboat, and superyacht. Each one is different in terms of the price and exciting features.

To begin with, crewed yachts are a convenient choice for first-time sea travelers. It comes with a group of the crew who will assist you in everything. They assure a worry-free trip as the guests can just sit and relax all through the trip. Of course, it demands extra charges but then again, a decent choice.

The second type of charter is made for skilled sailors. Riding on a bareboat is a dream that allows you to explore the preferred location by yourself. It is not recommended for beginners because it might cause higher charges if something bad happens.

Superyachts, as said earlier, are the most luxurious type of charter. It is similar to a crewed boat but has more excellent features to offer. This yacht has improved privacy which is desired by most tourists. The entire trip would be a real deal with the comfort you cannot compare to anything else.

Choose which one really suits your budget and needs more than what each option can offer. Check on its accommodation level making sure to cater to all of your guests.

Where to Book a Yacht Trip?

Hong Kong was mentioned as one of the cruising destinations, and gladly, there is a company you can contact to charter a yacht. A yacht charter company in Hong Kong will help you in renting a boat of your choice. You can pick between catamaran and Mega yachts to explore the city and its harbor districts. Many tourists also love their culture and stunning views which you can also experience while riding on a yacht.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, finding a yacht is not that easy. There are factors to consider, like the location, weather, and the different types of boats to choose from. Hence, asking for an expert’s advice is necessary to land on the right yacht for you.


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